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Media Coverage and Publications

Media Coverage

Ming Pao - Open School 


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Gazette is a school newsletter which is published two times in an academic year. It is a vehicle for fostering a connection between the school and the home because it provides essential information such as current news and events, activities and competitions, to parents.






Harmony is a yearbook that carries class photos, and provides an overview of school teams and service units. Achievements of our students are highlighted. In the future, we would like to invite each class to design their class pages to build students’ sense of belonging.





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Convergence is a collection of students’ Chinese and English writings. This platform provides students with opportunities to learn, grow and explore their potentials. Innovations through sharing is what we are looking for after encouraging and motivating students to write and share. Besides students’ writings, the work from the principal and teachers is compiled too.



Art Booklet


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An overview of the VA curriculum – student artwork, VA activities, and VA competitions, can be found in VA Booklet. We want students all on this platform where they shall appreciate and celebrate their schoolmates’ talent.



A School We Trust


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This informational brochure gives details about our school - school motto, vision and mission, curriculum, school culture and facilities.



Beacons of Light


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This press acknowledges student and alumni excellent achievements or attitudes, including academic achievements, and outstanding performance in career and life.