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Tender/ Quotation

Interested parties please register with your business card and collect the tender or quotation invitation at the general office during office hours (Mon to Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Sat: 9:00am - 1:00pm).


Ref. no. Tender/ Quotation Title Closing Date and Time
T15-2122 Supply of Network Security Device Maintenance 2022-2023 8/6/2022 (3:00pm)
Q18-2122 承投提供「試後 STEM 活動」2021-2022 7/6/2022 (3:00pm)
T14-2122 Invitation to Tender for the Supply of Group Medical Insurance (for the school year 2022/2023) 6/6/2022 (3:00pm)
T13/2122 Invitation to Tender Supply of School Printer Service School Year 2022-2025 6/6/2022 (3:00pm)
T12/2122 承投「提供及安裝學校課室窗簾工程2021/22」 2/6/2022 (3:00pm)
Q17/2122 承投「提供及安裝教員室新造洗手盆連地柜及書架工程」 31/5/2022 (3:00pm)
Q16/2122 承投提供「畢業典禮拍攝及後期製作 2021/22 」 31/5/2022 (3:00pm)
Q15/2122 承投提供「校舍清潔服務」2021/22 19/5/2022 (3:00pm)
T11-2122 Invitation to Tender Supply of
Post Program Assessments of
Project Archaracter
22/4/2022 (3:00pm)
Q14/2122 Written Quotation Provision of
Replacement of Car Park Auto Swing Gate
Locks System
28/4/2022 (3:00pm)
Q13/2122 Written Quotation for the Provision of
the RWI Phonics School based Support Package for
22/4/2022 (3:00pm)


20/4/2022 (3:00pm)

承投「提供 2022-2025 學年校服、運動服及社衣售賣服務」

8/4/2022 (3:00pm)

Written Quotation for School 20th Anniversary Celebration Souvenirs - School Mask

7/4/2022 (3:00pm)

Written Quotation for School 20th Anniversary Celebration Souvenirs - School Tote bag and Mask Case

7/4/2022 (3:00pm)
T09/2122 承投「提供 2022-2025 學年校簿售賣服務」 1/4/2022 (3:00pm)
T08/2122 承投「提供 2022-2025 學年校本教材冊印刷服務」 1/4/2022 (3:00pm)

承投提供「2021-22 學年本部消防裝置年檢後更換消防設備工程」

29/3/2022 (3:00pm)

Written Quotation for Provision of Professional Consultancy Services for Application for Education Bureau’s Capital Subvention: Major Repairs 2023-2024

21/3/2022 (3:00pm)


14/3/2022 (3:00pm)

Invitation to Tender Supply of IT System Backup Storage Upgrade 2021-2022

16/3/2022 (3:00pm)

承投「學校游泳訓練及泳池管理服 務 2022-2025」

4/3/2022 (3:00pm)
Q06/2122 承投提供「品格道」硬皮書連書套印刷服務 2021-22 14/2/2022 (3:00pm)
Q05/2122 Written Quotation for SUPPLY OF IT SYSTEM MAINTENANCE
11/2/2022 (3:00pm)
T05/2122 Invitation to Tender Supply of Computer for Teachers 2021-2022 11/2/2022 (3:00pm)
T04/2122 承投提供 2022-2025 年度「小學全方位學生輔導」服務 10/2/2022 (3:00pm)
T03/2122 承投提供 2022-2025 年度 「校本言語治療」服務 10/2/2022 (3:00pm)
Q04/2122 承投提供「電子學習平台服務 2021-2022 (一年訂閱)」 9/12/2021 (3:00pm)

Invitation to Tender Supply of IT Mobility Device for Teacher

29/10/2021 (3:00pm)
Q03/2122 承投提供「學校刊物製作、設計及印刷服務 2021-2022」 27/10/2021 (3:00pm)
Q02/2122 承投提供「學校刊物設計及印刷服務 2021-2022」 27/10/2021 (3:00pm)
T01/2122 Invitation to Tender Supply of Tablet Device for Students
"Bring Your Own Device"(BYOD) Series 2021-2022
19/10/2021 (3:00pm)
Q01/2122 承投提供「全校冷氣及通風系統保養」 2021-2022 19/10/2021 (3:00pm)
Q21/2021 承投提供 2021-2022 學年「特殊教育需要到校支援服務 - 社交及情緒支援小組」 13/8/2021 (3:00pm)
T26/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of Classroom Wi-Fi Upgrade 2021-22 12/8/2021 (3:00pm)
Q20/2021 承投提供 2021-2022 學年「特殊教育需要到校支援服務 - 學生層面」 12/8/2021 (3:00pm)
Q19/2021 承投提供「品格塑造課程及教師培訓 2021-22」 30/7/2021 (3:00pm)
Q18/2021 承投「提供校舍清潔服務」報價書 16/7/2021 (3:00pm)
T25/2021 Invitation to Tender Provision of Fitting-Out Work for 7/F Staff Room and G/F General Office 25/6/2021 (3:00pm)
Q17/2021 Written Quotation for Supply of IT System Maintenance 2021-22 5/7/2021 (3:00pm)
T24/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of IT Device for Teaching 2021-2022 2/7/2021 (3:00pm)
Q16/2021 承投提供「畢業典禮拍攝及後期製作 2020-21」  24/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T23/2021 承投「提供陶藝課程(1/9/2021 – 31/8/2024,三年合約) 24/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T22/2021 Invitation to Tender Provision of Renovation Work for Office Reception 15/6/2021 (3:00pm)
Q15/2021 Written Quotation for IT SOFTWARE LICENSE RENEWAL 2021-2022 22/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T21/2021 承投「提供奧數課程(1/9/2021 – 31/8/2024,三年合約) 22/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T20/2021 承投「提供學校新翼升降機全責任承包保養及維修服務 2021-2024」 21/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T19/2021 承投「三小一中藝術課程培訓計劃」 7/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T18/2021 Invitation for Tender for the Supply of School Insurance Plans (16/9/2021 – 15/9/2022) 3/6/2021 (3:00pm)
T17/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of Storage Upgrade 2020-2021 25/5/2021 (3:00pm)
T16/2021 Invitation to Tender for the Supply of Group Medical Insurance (for the school year 2021/2022) 14/5/2021 (3:00pm)
Q14/2021 Written Quotation for the RWI Phonics School-based Support Package for 2021-22 7/5/2021 (3:00pm)
T15/2021 承投「學校 TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES (TSS) 技術支援服務 (二年合約) 2021-2023」 7/5/2021 (3:00pm)
T14/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of Infrastructure Network Switch Upgrade 2020-2021 30/4/2021 (3:00pm)
T13/2021 承投「提供 2021-2024 學年供應學生教科書及補充教材服務」 20/4/2021 (3:00pm)
Q13/2021 Written Quotation for BROADBAND INTERNET SERVICE PLAN (PRIMARY) THREE-YEAR CONTRACT 2021-2024 14/4/2021 (3:00pm)
Q12/2021 Invitation to Written Quotation for COVID-19 Virus Test Service 2020-2022 31/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T12/2021 承投「學校午膳供應及小食部營運」2021-2023 29/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T11/2021 承投「提供運動課程(1/9/2021 – 31/8/2024,三年合約)」 26/3/2021 (3:00pm)
Q11/2021 承投「2020-21 學年本部消防裝置 年檢後更換消防設備工程」 24/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T10/2021 承投「提供視藝課(1/9/2021 – 31/8/2024,三年合約)」 23/3/2021 (3:00pm)
Q10/2021 Written Quotation "Supply of Social Emotional Learning – Compassionate Communication Workshop for Educators and Parents" 22/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T09/2021 承投「提供資訊科技課程 (1/9/2021 – 31/8/2024,三年合約)」 19/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T08/2021 承投「提供音樂課程(1/9/2021– 31/8/2024,三年合約)」 18/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T07/2021 承投 2021-2024 學年 「提供教育心理學家支援」 17/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T06/2021 承投「提供數理邏輯課程 (1/9/2021 – 31/8/2024,三年合約)」 17/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T05/2021 承投「提供學校升降機全責任承 包保養及維修服務 2021-2024」 12/3/2021 (3:00pm)
Q09/2021 Written Quotation for IT System Maintenance Renewal 2020-2021 1/3/2021 (3:00pm)
T04/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of  "15-month Consultancy and Research Project on Raising Healthy Children with Good Character - Character Building via Health Psychology" 22/2/2021 (3:00pm)
Q08/2021 Written Quotation for THE SCHOOL MULTI-FUNCTION PRINTER SERVICE 2020-21 5/2/2021 (3:00pm)
T03/2021 Provision of Lead Consultant and Project Management Services for Renovation and Additional Works 4/2/2021 (3:00pm)
Q07/2021 Provision of Video Door Intercom and Access Control System 4/2/2021 (3:00pm)


承投提供「學習管理系統服務 2020-2021(本學期訂閱)」 4/1/2021 (3:00pm)
T02/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of IT Device in 2020-2021 4/1/2021 (3:00pm)
T01/2021 Invitation to Tender Supply of Tablet Device for Students – "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) Series 2020-2021 8/12/2020 (3:00pm)
Q05/2021 承投提供「品格塑造香港」小冊子翻譯、編輯、設計及印刷服務 18/11/2020 (3:00pm)
Q04/2021 承投提供「電子學習平台服務 2020-21(一年訂閱)」 25/11/2020 (3:00pm)
Q03/2021 承投提供「學校刊物製作、設計及印刷服務 2020-2021」 24/11/2020 (3:00pm)
Q02/2021 承投提供「學校刊物設計及印刷服務 2020-2021」 24/11/2020 (3:00pm)
Q01/2021 「Written Quotation for School Software License Renewal 2020-21」 5/10/2020 (3:00pm)
Q22/1920 承投「特殊教育需要到校支援服務2020 2021 」 16/9/2020 (3:00pm)
Q21/1920 承投提供「全校冷氣及通風系統保養」2020-2021 4/9/2020 (3:00pm)
T18/1920 承投「提供及更換新翼泳池1及2號循環泵工程」 4/9/2020 (3:00pm)
T17/1920 承投提供「學校正門與地下大堂 設計及裝修工程」 26/8/2020 (3:00pm)
T16/1920 承投「提供及安裝學校傢俱」  17/8/2020 (3:00pm)
Q20/1920 Supply of Access Control System 23/7/2020 (3:00pm)
Q19/1920 承投「提供品格塑造課程及老師培訓2020 2021 」 15/7/2020 (3:00pm)
Q18/1920 承投「提供暑期閱讀計劃 「書出知識 贈閱圖書 2019 20 」」 3/7/2020 (3:00pm)
Q17/1920 Supply of AV System Equipment 14/7/2020 (3:00pm)
Q16/1920 承投「提供暑期校舍清潔服務 2019-2020」 14/7/2020 (3:00pm)
Q15/1920 承投「 提供 2020 2023 學年多元智能—人際 內省 語言及自然觀察課程 」 9/7/2020 (3:00pm)
T15/1920 Supply of Infrastructure Server and Network Equipment Upgrade 8/7/2020 (3:00pm)
Q14/1920 Provision of RWI Phonics School-based Support Package for 2020-21 29/06/2020 (3:00pm)

Supply of Group Medical Insurance (for the school year 2020/2021)

29/06/2020 (3:00pm)
T13/1920 Supply of School Insurance Plans (16/9/2020 – 15/9/2021) 29/06/2020 (3:00pm)


承投提供 「 學校 Technical Support Services ( 技術支援服務 三年合約 2020 2023 」

26/06/2020 (3:00pm)