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Reading To Learn


WFJLPS adopts a whole-school approach to fostering a reading culture and providing students with adequate guidance at different stages of reading skills development to increase their lifelong learning capacity.


We have established a reading corner in every classroom, which is a collection of different types of books for students to pick up whenever they are free in the classroom. Students love to read the high-quality magazines which cover a variety of content areas, including science, Chinese and English stories, humanities and society, etc. We create a reading environment with sufficient resources so that students can enjoy reading anywhere.


To enable students to read to learn systematically, the school uses the reading approach in Chinese Language and English Language teaching. To develop students into independent learners, a variety of quality reading materials are recommended to encourage students to read extensively both inside and outside classrooms. Students can share what they read and make recommendations for their fellow classmates. The Teacher Librarian also selects and promotes subject-based and theme-based recommendation books regularly to engage students in different reading activities. We also incorporate library sessions in the ICT curriculum where students learn how to look for resources in the library and on the Internet. Students can thus apply the relevant skills and use the information they find in project learning.


To raise students’ reading motivation and interest, we hold the Reading Marathon annually. Everyone shares their comments by filling in a reading reply slip, which trains students’ high-order thinking skills. The Buddy Reading Day is another popular reading activity at WFJLPS. Senior students are taught how to read to junior students. Both of them enjoy reading together so much. The Teacher Librarian also invites students and teachers to make videos for the School Campus TV Reading Channel. We believe that everyone has their learning style, and we need to engage students in reading in a variety of ways - students are given a chance to learn, apply, reflect on, consolidate and internalise their reading skills and strategies.


To further develop students who are book lovers, we recruit Reading Ambassadors to join different reading activities and create a positive and supportive reading environment every year. For example, our reading ambassadors use their creativity to rewrite a script for a book and perform on stage. Not only do they enjoy the process of creation and collaboration, but also have an in-depth understanding of the main theme by the author. The audience is also moved by the actors’ passion for reading. The reading atmosphere of the whole school is rich because of the passion and engagement of our students in different reading activities.


Other than involving book lovers in promoting reading, we also encourage students to serve. We recruit students to be library prefects to learn and help with the daily operations in the library. They all proudly serve with confidence and enthusiasm, which further develop them to be responsible and confident individuals.