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Message from Principal

Principal’s Message 2023-2024


To all parents and students:


With a sense of anticipation and nervousness, I have spent my first year as the Principal of W F Joseph Lee Primary School, alongside students, parents, and teachers. With our collective efforts, I am grateful for the fruitful outcomes we have achieved over the past year. We have witnessed significant progress in academic pursuits, arts and physical education, character development, as well as community collaboration.


To provide a deeper understanding of my educational philosophy and more information about the school's development, in addition to the regular "A Brew with Principal," I have also initiated the "Principal Poon Says" column over the past year. This platform allows everyone to gain a better understanding of the strategies and principles behind curriculum development, teaching methodologies, and character education at our school. I firmly believe that parents and the school are important partners in the growth and learning journey of our children, and it is crucial for us to understand and communicate with each other.


The theme for this academic year is "Empathy." Empathy refers to the ability to be aware of and understand the emotions, perspectives, and circumstances of others. It is a significant core value. If every individual in society possesses empathy, setting aside their own positions and viewpoints to truly understand and empathise with others' feelings and needs, then we can achieve genuine harmony and prosperity. Under this theme, I hope that all students will cultivate empathy through various classroom learning, activities, and experiences. It is important for them to understand the significance of empathy and work together to create a harmonious society.


This year marks my second year as the Principal of W F Joseph Lee Primary School and the beginning of a new cycle for our three-year development plan. Over the next three years, we will focus on the following three areas: Firstly, establishing students' positive character and values through social and emotional development, including designing comprehensive social and emotional development programs, fostering a positive and supportive school culture, and enhancing parental involvement. Secondly, elevating the level of teaching and learning through educational technology, including nurturing students' digital literacy and cultivating an innovation-driven culture. Thirdly, serving the community through collaborations with stakeholders and partners, including forming partnerships with various community organisations, encouraging student participation in community activities, and creating a caring community atmosphere on campus.


In addition to these three key areas, we will also set new goals and strategies in curriculum development, teaching methodologies, home-school collaboration, and school governance. With the support and cooperation of students, teachers, and parents, I will lead the school steadily forward, aiming to become a leading primary school in the district and establish an international local school. At the same time, I aspire for each student to become a passionate learner, confident individual, and positive contributor to the learning community.


Victoria Poon





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