Uniform Groups

There are three uniform groups in our school, namely Grasshopper Scout, Cub Scout and Brownie. 


Both Grasshopper Scout and Cub Scout are Scout Sections of The Scout Association of Hong Kong. They are assigned as Group 1390 in Yuen Long East, New Territories Region. The purpose of establishing both groups is to provide all-round development for students through diversified activities and trainings. 


Our Brownie is one of Yuen Long Division Units of The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, belonging to 355NT in Tin Shui Wai North District. The aim of the pack is to give girls an opportunity to take on a leadership role. The training sessions and badge assessments allow brownies the opportunity to focus on understanding what the girls are capable of already, and develop their leadership skills further.


Grasshopper Scouts


The Grasshopper Scouts team at WFJLPS aims to provide activities suitable for the physical and mental development of the Scouts in P.1 and P.2, so that they can grow up happily and healthily through the learning experiences.


Under the guidance of adults, the Scouts participate in fun and inspiring activities, such as games, singing and storytelling.


There is no test system for the Grasshopper Scouts. Instead, four progressive badges are available at different stages. The footprint badges are in red, brown, blue and green colours. When members actively participate in gatherings and activities, they will accumulate participation time and get the relevant badges. This can encourage them to keep up the active participation and work towards becoming a Cub Scout.


Cub Scouts


Cub Scouts are a group of boys and girls who like having fun, making friends and trying new things. There are around 36 members from P.3 to P.6. As a Cub Scout, there will be plenty to do and learn about. Cub Scout families have the opportunities to go camping and participate in outdoor adventures. Our packs are invited to attend other special events as well, such as a large community service project and Scout Rally in this year. They can gain badges and awards as they progress through the Cub Scout Training Scheme. The awarding categories include the following specific areas:

  1. Outdoor Activities
  2. Sports and Hobbies
  3. Helping Others
  4. Taking Care of Yourself
  5. Science and Nature
  6. Creativity
  7. My Community
  8. Country and Culture
  9. Promise and Law
  10. The Scout Family


The Cub Scout team can earn special Activity Badges according to their own hobbies and interests. All badges and awards received after fulfilling the requirements for a particular badge can be sewed onto their uniforms.




The Brownies team at WFJLPS follows the Eight Point Programme set out by the founder Lord Baden-Powell of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association to devise various activities for students from P.1 to P.6. There are around 50 members from various levels. By participating in a range of activities held each week after school, girls are able to learn from each other through genuine life experience. They learn to judge for right and wrong, cultivate thinking skills and discover personal potential. We encourage girls to try their best in every aspect, help out actively at home, to be wide awake and to help others readily in daily life.


Girls can gain Interest Badges through various activities held at the weekly assembly. The badges awarded serve as a recognition of certain skills that the girls acquired in their Brownies journey throughout their years in the Brownies team.