Life Education


Life Education session is intentionally scheduled on every Monday afternoon. It aims at building rapport among house teachers and students via various house activities and inter-house competitions, such as making gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to show love and care.


Students also come across global issues in Life Education session. Topics ranging from green education to international sports etc. will be discussed to enrich students' knowledge and widen their horizons.


Theme of the Year

By setting a Theme of the Year, we cultivate the six core values and good characters of our students. We hope that our students will get to know, embed and live out the virtues in their daily lives.


Class Poster and Class Video


Every year, class teachers and students work together to make their signature class poster and class video in promoting the Theme of the Year. All participants will have a greater sense of belonging to their classes through the process of brainstorming ideas, drafting the scripts and finishing the products.