Firefly Scheme


Firefly Scheme is one of the major programmes that encourage students to do good deeds and say good words. It is also a programme for teachers and students to live out LOVE. Firefly is the name of an insect that can shine in the dark. The scheme is so named as we expect our students to shine like a firefly in the dark for not only oneself but also others. There are different programmes under this scheme, including House System, Buddy System and Life Education Programme.


All teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents, family members and schoolmates can give YouShine Stamps or signatures on the Firefly Booklet to reinforce the students' good behaviours. Once they have accumulated a certain number of YouShine Stamps or signatures, they will be rewarded with non-materialistic gifts, such as a lunch with our Principal, movie time with their good friends and playing toy planes with friends, etc.



Buddy System


Every year we pair all P.1 students up with P.4 big brothers and sisters in the same house, and they become Buddies! Through participating in activities together, these buddies get time and space to get along. Our P.4 brothers and sisters would become role models for the younger ones, and give the care and love our P.1 students need to adapt to the new school environment, such as leading their small buddies to tour around the campus on School Tour Day. We also organise Buddy Fun Day, Buddy Reading Scheme and Buddy Day Camp. These help all our students to feel and live out love at school. This system engages students in a meaningful loop. By the time our small buddies grow up to become big buddies in P.4, they will shoulder the responsibility to take care of the younger ones.