Our Objectives

We are committed to cultivating in our students the following qualities and aspirations:


  • a sound and solid foundation of knowledge;
  • a unique disposition with positive values;
  • biliterate and trilingual competences;
  • the ability to think logically;
  • curiosity and innovation in learning;
  • a healthy mind and body;
  • commitment to the society;
  • knowledge and appreciation of the Chinese and foreign cultures;
  • digital literacy; and
  • the competencies to embrace the future.


We promote teacher professional development and support teachers to be teacher leaders in facilitating school advancement and providing quality education through:


  • identifying professional competencies and qualification requirements for our teachers;
  • planning, implementing and evaluating professional development programmes; and
  • collaborating and exchanging ideas with various stakeholders, local as well as international educational bodies and organisations.


We work with parents so that they

  • can be more attentive to their children;
  • maintain close family relationships;
  • have happy parenting experiences; and
  • support the missions and policies of the school.


We engage and make positive impact to the community by

  • co-sharing proactively the resources from the community to strengthen, deepen and widen the learning experiences of students; and
  • co-operating with other organisations and leveraging our school resources to nurture talents and contribute back to the community.