I. Application:

2020-21 P1 Admission Application

A. 2020 – 2021 P1 Admission Schedule

B. Admission Application Online Form

C. P1 Admission Application System

D. Admission Application System User Guide

2019-20 Admission application

(P2 to P5)

A. Application Schedule (P2-P5)

B. Application Form (P2-P5)

II. Tuition fee:

We are a non-profit-making Direct Subsidy Scheme school. The annual school fee is HK$16,000, payable in 10 instalments. The school has scholarships for outstanding students and fee remission programmes for those with financial difficulties*.  Please refer to the school circular for  details. (School Fee Remission Application Form) 


*  Subject to the availability of funds under the school fee remission / scholarship schemes. 

III. Secondary school places allocation:  

Our graduates can join Education Bureau's Central Allocation and study in local secondary schools. They are also well equipped to study in international schools.

  1. Year 2017-2018 P6 SSPA Results

IV. Other information about the school: 

1. whole day school

2. co-educational

3. non-religious

4. enroll students for Health Service and Dental Care Service

5. school bus and lunch service available

6. assistance provided if necessary to join Student Travel Subsidy Schemes / SFAA School Textbook Assistance

For enquiry, please call 3401 4995.